Sheraton Memphis1925 map Memphis



Join us at the Sheraton Memphis Downtown Hotel in

Memphis, TN

October 13-15, 2022




"The Mississippi river figures prominently in American history as a catalyst for expansion, commerce, and creativity. The SCMLA’s 2022 conference in Memphis explores the theme of movement as a type of ebb and flow in its many incarnations whether literary, cultural, political, or artistic. More than just a tidal description, this theme represents the kinetic and generative tension between opposing forces, ideologies, perspectives, and beliefs that sparks creative production, movement and counter-movement.  As a competing idea or movement in music, literature, the arts, and political ideologies gains ascendancy, its dominant competitor must cede its place.  Waterways and rivers can lead to discovery and expansion but they can also divide and destroy. The SCMLA invites members to examine these dynamic currents that have and do create various ebbs and flows in literary and cultural production. We invite scholars to contribute on topics such as: Knowledge as power, Democracy, Colonialism, Politics in literature, Sexuality, Gender and power dynamics, Abuse of power, and Industry change and environment issues​." 


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