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Join us in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2017!

We will be at the Renaissance Tulsa

October 5-7 (Thursday to Saturday)


“Moving Words: Migrations, Translations, and Transformations”


The South Central Modern Languages Association has chosen Tulsa, Oklahoma for the site of its 2017 annual convention. Tulsa is both a city at the crossroads between the American Midwest and South and also near the endpoint of the "Trail of Tears," the forced migration of Native American tribes in the 1830s. Tulsa geographical and historical position compels our conference theme: a call to consider how words record, dramatize, and inspire the movements of people. The literatures of the many diasporas in our shared history gives the most poignant examples of how literature and other forms of culture testify to the profound disassociation that occurs during forced transition, as eloquently recorded by Oklahoman writer, N. Scott Momaday in his acclaimed novel House Made of Dawn. However, our conference seeks to engage other aspects of how words move people. Not all migrations are forced, and we seek papers on all types of travel, as varied as the metaphysical voyage of Dante's pilgrim in the Divine Comedy and the aimless wonderings of the Parisian fláneur.  Words themselves also make voyages to find new audiences, and we hope to consider these textual migrations with papers that consider literary translations as well as material culture in textual transmission, as is the case in Derek Walcott's cultural translation of Homer in his epic poem Omeros.  Finally, literature and culture transform their audience through their performance. As always, papers on other topics are also welcome. Please join us for SCMLA's convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma October 5-7.