Dallas SkylineWinspear Opera HouseDowntown Dallas

Join us in Dallas, Texas in 2016!

We will be at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel

November 3-5 (Thursday to Saturday)


“The Spectacular City: Glamour, Decadence, and Celebrity in Literature and Culture”


In 2016 the South Central Modern Language Association will hold its annual convention in one of America’s most celebrated cities, Dallas Texas, which lies in the heart of one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States and boasts a lavish skyline, museums, parks, and diverse culture. This location inspires our conference theme: an exploration of the ways in which extravagant city environments and urban spectacle figure in literature and culture. For 2016 SCMLA invites papers that consider both tributes to and exposés of the glittering surface of urban life. Alexander Pushkin’s famous description of Russia’s shimmering imperial capital from the introduction to The Bronze Horseman; the soaring black-and-white images of bridges and skyscrapers that unfold to Gershwin music in Woody Allen’s Manhattan; Balzac’s accounts of life in the man-sions and on the promenades of Paris; Jonathan Swift’s calculated critique of London in his “A Description of the Morning” and “A Description of a City Shower”; and the seedy, decadent New York of John Schlesinger’s seminal film Midnight Cowboy are a few of the many examples that reveal, pay tribute to, and critique the spectacular city. We encourage papers that look at the forms of celebrity that have enjoyed prominence in urban centers in various periods—public extravagances such as parties, parades, and commemorative festiv-ities; and the problems of urban excess and decay. As always, papers on other topics are also welcome. Please join us for SCMLA’s convention in Dallas, Texas, November 3-5, 2016.