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Join us in Nashville, Tennessee in 2015!

We will be at the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University October 31st - November 3rd (Saturday-Tuesday)


“Sound and Story: The Rhythms of Language”


The rhythms of the languages we speak shape literary texts; rhyme, meter, assonance, and other sound patterns underpin our poetry, and musicality and sound figure as significant elements in many narratives. Tolstoy's characters visit the opera; a musical passage haunts Proust's narrator across time and space; Chaucer's rhyme and rhythm carried English into a new poetic space, paving the way for Shakespeare; Faulkner, like so many others, captures regional dialects in informal prose. Sound matters as much for scholars of literature as it does for linguists and language pedagogues. Just as linguists transcribe and analyze the sounds of our languages and language pedagogues help learners to mirror native speaker pronunciation and intonation, writers work to capture regional inflections. Similarly, film-makers try to create compelling soundscapes, extra-diegetic music shaping spectator expectations and emotional responses. Song lyrics more and more attract attention as a distinctive literary form, worthy of serious scholarly analysis.  For its 2015 convention in Nashville, Tennessee SCMLA invites papers that focus on issues connected to music, musicality and sound from the perspective of all of our constituent fields, including linguistics, language pedagogy, film-studies, gender studies, and cultural studies.  As always, papers on other topics are also welcome.